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WATT4 - Wedding and Party Band for Oxford & Oxon

Watt4 are a highly entertaining party band with plenty of experience and talent. As our name suggests we are only 4 in number but we give 'em what for! We are not too loud, we try to entertain without deafening the audience. By multi-tasking on stage we can recreate for you the sounds of your favourite records.

The area we generally cover is Oxon, Berks, Glos, Bucks and Hants. We usually play in Wedding Venues, Civic Halls, College Parties. We have special low rates for charity fundraising events. We have been playing since 2005 and are gaining a good reputation as a Wedding Band, Party Band, Covers Band, whatever you want to call us!

Fees: We can be very competitive because we have a compact line-up, and we operate in our local area. Our price includes sound equipment (we can also play a CD / Ipod for you) and we have lights if you need them. Please use our contact form for a quote.

WATT4 - Wedding and Party Band for Oxford & Oxon

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